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My "Ultimate" PD Diagnosis

The Victory Summit January 26, 2013 The opportunity to be nominated and selected by my peers to receive this award is truly a humbling experience. As I have known about this for a few weeks, I have had the opportunity to pull some thoughts to share today. Five years ago in early 2008, I received that diagnosis of having Parkinson’s disease. Since then, I have been able to experience many new activities, meet many wonderful people, and get involved in events, support groups, committees, that I never would have thought to be involved with had I not been challenged with PD. I’m not indicating that one should seek for a PD Diagnosis in order to have experiences as I’ve had!
There are so many individuals, groups that I need to honor with the receiving of this award: First, to the Davis Phinney Foundation and Victory Summit members, I thank you for your great work, enthusiasm, and passion for helping those with Parkinson’s disease and their families deal with the day to day challenges PD…

Victory Summit 2013 Phoenix Arizona

I met many new people at the Victory Summit this weekend. It was very inspirational. Some of the new people that I met were:
Davis Phinney: A genuine, humorous, inspirational, compassionate, down to earth, man of strength
John Hall: A man in his 70's who has ran many marathons, and is very active, has not had DBS
John Carlin: climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group of other PD people
Mick: A great new friend from Tucson who  I am anxious to get to know better
Allison-A wonderful young onset women who is very active in Southern California and also a local hero award recipient when the Victory Summit went there

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Peorian confronts Parkinson’s - Your West Valley News: Peoria

Peorian confronts Parkinson’s - Your West Valley News: Peoria: Carl Ames was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in early 2008.

Positivity brings ‘Local Hero’ award to Peoria resident - Feature Stories

Positivity brings ‘Local Hero’ award to Peoria resident - Feature Stories: Carl Ames opened the door to the hallway that leads to his office. He was having an “off” time, so he gently placed his hand on my arm, and we…

Local residents cycle to help fight Parkinson's Disease - Sports

Local residents cycle to help fight Parkinson's Disease - Sports: Peoria residents Carl and Jordan Ames, a father and son team going by the name of “AMES 2 FINISH,” will be cycling the 60-mile segment of the …

Road Rally with the Roden's

Jan 10-12, I had the most exciting adventure with Roy and Lynn Roden, who are riding their bikes from Seattle WA to Miami Fl (see
I was made aware of the because Roy also is a clinical research advocate for the Parkinsons Disease Foundation. Brian Baehr and I were trained in 2012 to represent the PDF in efforts of awareness, clinical research advocacy, and promoting public interest in getting involved. Because Roy has PD and belongs to this group, the national office had sent out an email sharing with the rest of us what Roy was up to. Knowing that they would be coming through AZ, and my interest in cycling, plus my common connection of PD, I felt the need to get involved and show them our support. I made contact with Roy and Lynn back in September or October and initiated the desire to meet up with them in Arizona.

They drove from Miami to Seattle leaving Nov 1 and arrived Nov 5th and then proceeded to ride. Lynn's brother, David, is there support driver. Oli…

Christmas 2012 My Wonderful Family

Okay, it's about time I wrote again and kept track of what has been happening. Christmas and New Years was wonderful. The kids were home, Brigden and Kyler were here, it couldn't have been better. What a wonderful family I have. We had fun doing karaoke, Jordan put Kyler in his bucket, I made Casey a waffle cake for his birthday, and Torie dressed up as Santa. What a goof ball she is!