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Humor in Parkinson

I recently asked some of my PD friends to share with me some humor associated with PD, so here are some contributions:

Not being much of a story teller, I still find this humorous.  About 20 years ago, while I was still working, there was a man who worked with us whom we called "Stinky Stan".  He had the worst BO you could ever imagine.  When I asked why he didn't do something about it, I was told that he wasn't aware of it because he had lost he sense of smell and taste.  To that, I replied, if that ever happened to me, I would surely not stink up the place anld because he could not taste either I thought if that were to happen to me, I would eat nothing but health food.  Well, guess what?  I lost my smell and taste and my wife will occasionally sniff me and order me to go change shirts.  And as for the weight, I'm continuously eating junk food and have two pairs of slacks that fit.  The old saying "what goes around, comes around" seems to be my story. …

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