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Exercise Update

I am now going to the gym 5 mornings a week. I have a new friend, Jeff, who is my training coach. He is very positive and knows how to exercise the different parts of your body in the correct way. I am still swimming regularly and walking with my friend David. I totally enjoy this and it starts my day off great.

My Chicken's

I have a beautiful flock of backyard chickens that I raise for eggs. It is a very good hobby for me to take care of them. They have personalities and are really fun to watch.
If you raise chickens or would like to start, let me know!

Can You See The Power?

One of my passions is draft horses. I love their beauty, strength, skill, and power. This past year I have been able to become acquainted with some great people who own horses. Yesterday, I rode in the Parada Del Sol Parade in Scottsdale Arizona. Some friends I met while at the Browns Horse Clinic, Wendy and Jay, invited me to come help them with their team, Bradley and Barbie. What a beautiful team of Belgians. The black horse shown is a beautiful shire stallion owned by Troy Haviland.

True Horsepower

I recently attended a clinic where we were taught how to properly harness draft horses and work with farm machinery. They are truly powerful animals!