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Tour de Friends meet point

Ride meet / finish point:
Cave Creek Market Place- just south of Loop 101 off Cave Creek Exit/East side of road
20235 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
Meet in front of the Subway/The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Tour de Friends Arizona's Rally For Friends For Phinney August 31, 2013

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Summer Highlights 2013!

As this summer rapidly seems to becoming to an end, school has began, and September is just around the corner, I thought I should add a post for the Summer Highlights 2013!

1. Post DBS that was done in April, I am going through the process of programming. Initially saw quite dramatic results but only subtle changes. They say be patient, takes about 6-8 months to really see anything of significance. So... I  be patient!
2. Stake Pioneer Trek!
3. Family Reunions in Deer Valley UT. With Charltons first and then Ames. Great times with both! I love my family!
4. Friends For Phinney and The Copper Triangle!

"The Pickled Butter Ballad" dedicated to my Friends For Phinney!

THE PICKLED BUTTER BALLADby Carl Ames Moooooove on, Moooooove on down the highway,
The sun is up – and we’ve got miles to go!
Butter up and stock the pickles fresh and plenty,
Because without our B&P’s we would be so slow! The Friends  For Phinney  are  cruisin across this country,
Over half way there, they still have many miles to go!
Keep the butter and the pickles  fresh and plenty,
Because without our B&P’s we would be so slow! We’ve got to make Red Oak by this evening,
Then Osceola and Ottumwa are next to go,
Keep the butter and the pickles fresh and plenty,
Because without our B&Ps, we would be so slow! We will end this ride in Good ole New York City,
Times Square will be the place we want to go.
Keep the butter and the pickles fresh and plenty,
Because without our B&P’s we would be so slow!

Have you seen my friends for Phinney?

Tom Casey, Kevin Cartin, Carl Ames, Rick Baker

Article about Friends For Phinney and my ride with them!

Ride raises awareness about Parkinson’s DiseasePosted: Wednesday, Aug 7th, 2013
By John McEvoy

DEL NORTE – Many may be familiar with movie and television star Michael J. Fox and his battle with Parkinson’s disease. Fox’s celebrity status has done much to elevate awareness about this debilitating disease. There are many others that work toward the same goal.

Davis Phinney is an Olympic medal winning cyclist diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2000 at the age of 40. He formed the Davis Phinney Foundation in 2004 with the goal of raising money to benefit patients and families afflicted with Parkinson’s. Since then, they have raised $3.8 million to improve the lives of those living with the disease.

The nonprofit foundation is: “committed to supporting programs and research that deliver inspiration, information and tools that will enable people living with Parkinson’s to take more control in managing their disease.”

Three friends of Phinney’s, who all went to school together in Boulder, Colo., got …

Friends For Phinney

It is truly an honor to be associated with The Davis Phinney Foundation, and

Shaken Not Stirred with Dr. Bob K...Interview with Carl Ames 08/07 by Brain Injury Radio | Health Podcasts

Carl's Scoop

The Scoop...taught to me by one of the coolest guys I have ever met, is an opportunity to express gratitude for many things, combined with yoga style movement, and ending with an up to heaven shoot the arrow  action that seems to validate that this in addition to their eagle scoutsewewfifwwwcames62@gmailcoo

My experience with Friends For Phinney from Kevin's perspective.

Thank you Kevin for this writing and most importantly for  your friendship. You all are awesome, so strong, so committed. I consider it one of the greatest blessings to have met you and to have had this experience with you. Your friend, Bolt Wednesday, July 31 Carl Ames is now one of my heroes. I met Carl yesterday in Durango.  Carl traveled from Phoenix with his family to meet us in Durango so that he could ride the longest and hardest stage of our cross-country ride.  Carl is a crazy guy who likes to have fun.  He met us this morning at 5:30am at Santa Rita park in Durango and once we had the car and trailer sorted out (rest days are actually hard on organization) the four of us hit the open road. Carl’s nickname is “Bolt” because he just takes off down the road, and true to form, he took off and was soon about a half mile ahead of the rest of us.  We eventually found a good cadence and the four of us took turns taking pulls.  As the day progressed we bonded as cyclists do (nothing…

My Exciting Week with My Friends For Phinney and The Copper Triangle

To my Friends For Phinney, Family, and Friends,
Well, I am now home in Arizona after a truly amazing week of great fun, adventure, challenges, and most importantly…..wonderful new friends that I have met and will forever hold close in my heart as ones who truly have made an impact on my life. Tom & Amy, Kevin & Kathleen, Rick, Michael, Liam, Isaac, Davis, Connie, Kelsey, Lauren, Polly, Joe Williams, Cheryl, Maria, Jerry, Shane, Shannon, Joey, Kyle & Sarah and kids, Mona, Jordan, Leisa, Kamrie, Torie, Maren, Charles(my truck driving road warrior who got me to Durango) and to anyone else I should acknowledge by name but may have missed, thank you for a wonderful experience this past week. As I shared with you the quote that came to me as a result of getting together a number of people for my 50th birthday last year, a group of us were on the 50 mile bike ride we had and as we were riding, a thought came into my mind that eventually evolved into this: “I don’t wish Parkinson’…