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Day 1 of PCH 2014 with POPS Ride!

What an exciting day it was as we said goodbye to our new friends in Vancouver, and after a great breakfast we rode our bikes from their house a short distance to Flight Path Park near the Vancouver Airport where we met up with Tom and Phillip Casey. Tom is who I met this last summer when he was riding with the Friends of Phinney going cross country on their ride. Phillip is his nephew and the son of Michael Casey who was the SAG driver that was with them when I was riding with them on my 100 mile day and over Wolf Creek Pass. So happy to have Tom and Phillip with us. Tom is one of those guys who you feel safe with at all times and he has a heart of gold. Phillip has the same genuine kind heart and neat personality. We had a great ride!

We left Vancouver and it seemed forever to get to the border. We had to take many different turns and different roads. One of them took us to the path that let us up and over the Alex Frazier Bridge. It was very high and very cool. POP's aka Jerry …

On the road with POPS!

We are currently in Yakima WA. where we spent the second night of our road trip enroute to Vancouver, BC

Coming Soon! My Adventures with POPS Ride! 2014 PCH Tour "Parkinson's Can't Hold 'Em"

On April 28th, my friends from POPS Ride, will be taking off from Vancouver, BC enroute to San Diego, CA, on a Parkinson Disease awareness/fund raising cycling crusade. I will be posting pictures and experiences on this blog to not only keep a journal of what is happening but let my family and friends be a part of the experience. Hope you enjoy!