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Deciding to do the DBS

The DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) treatment is an elective option that is available to those with Parkinson's Disease contingent upon meeting qualifications based upon the outcome of their longevity with PD as well as to testing associated that will help the doctors determine the patients cognitive abilities and response to medicine on and off.

Having been challenged with PD for 5+ years, I was beginning to see my off cycles more prolonged and harder to work through. In the past 6 months I have been considering if DBS is the next step for me, putting it off at times merely for the fact that I would be allowing my head and my brain to be drilled in to.

Last August 2012, I was invited to participate in a golf tournament that knowing what I know now, would be a life changing experience.

Meet Chase Robertson:

Chase is my cousin on Leisa's side of the family. His great grandmother, Ruth Bowen, and Leisa's grandmother, Twila Knight, are sisters. Twila and Ruth's husband, Bob,…

Recent Cakes I have decorated!


An Inspirational Biking Story

This is a very inspiring story about a very inspiring young man, Taylor Phinney, son of a very inspiring man, Davis Phinney. I am grateful for stories like this that show that there are some very great examples of true athleticism out there. Thank you Taylor Phinney! ___________
This is a story about a guy who finished last. Which is technically true. You can look up the results of the race, and you'll see his name, right there, lonely at the bottom. Taylor Phinney. USA. Finishing time of six hours, twenty-two minutes, fifty-four seconds. One hundred-and-ninth place. Last. But this story is better than that. First, about Taylor Phinney. Remember that name. You might already know it. Bike racer from Boulder, Colo., 22 years old. The son of two cycling legends, Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter. A big dude on the bike, at 6 feet 5 inches, 180 pounds, Taylor Phinney is one of the most promising young cyclists in the world. He's already been to the Olympics twice. Won a stage of…

2013 Baehr Challenge Highlights!

April 6, 2013, proved to be a great day. The 4th Annual Baehr Challenge!
Kamrie and friends from Centennial Bel Canto Choir sing a great rendition of the National Anthem Brian Baehr-Announcing
Grandson Brigden enjoying a snow cone
Knight Transportation's obstacle, a balance bridge. Thanks to Clayton Carr for his building skills1
Carl and McKelle doing the tires. Note little Brigden not far behind.

Go Jordan Go!

There you go Brigden! You can do it! Doing the  tower!
Kamrie and Spencer doing the army crawl obstacle built by Medtronics. This is who Joey Gregan works for. Joey was getting us all wet. It was a great obstacle.

Jordan is definitely having fun!
The spider web
Brigden doing the spider web
Brigden doing the balance bridge
The balance bridge
Jordan and Carl doing the spiderweb
Jordan and Carl doing the spiderweb
Carl doing the balance bridge
McKelle and Brigden doing the balance bridge
Our team atop the haystack victorious!

Delbert Johnson 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament

On Wednesday, April 10th, I participated in the Delbert Johnson 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament, held at Pinnacle Peak Country Club in Scottsdale, AZ. Joey Gregan had invited me to be the guest speaker at the dinner afterwards. My golfing partners were: Brian Baehr, David Pootricull, and Joey Gregan. We had a great time with beautiful weather. I actually hit some pretty nice shots and on the last hole made a beautiful putt for birdie!

While on the course we got to meet Muhammad Ali and his wife. The Muhammad Ali Center was one of the beneficiaries receiving some of the proceeds of the event. They brought him out in a golf cart, his wife in another one. I was able to shake his hand and introduce myself. He didn't say anything but that was all right.  It was awesome to have that experience.

I played probably my best round of golf that day. Afterwards I spoke at the dinner. I was introduced by Margaret-Ann Coles, program director at the Muhammad Ali Center, and gave a short talk o…

One of my PD Hero's: Mick "Captain Angel" Beaman

Mick Beaman, friend indeed. Mick came up to the hospital on Thursday afternoon and spent the rest of the day and night with me, allowing Leisa to go get some rest at home. Throughout the night he helped me with whatever I needed and we enjoyed this opportunity. Two PD friends helping each other, sharing a common bond. I am grateful for Mick. He is a great friend!

My DBS Surgery-My Next Step in the Parkinson's Disease Progression

On April 18, 2013, I underwent the first stage of DBS surgery under that skilled hands of Dr. Francisco Ponce, and his amazing team, including Joey Gregan and Bill of Medtronics. It truly was an amazing experience. I was awake the majority of the time and was able to interact with Dr. Ponce, Joey, Bill, and others. Dr. Ponce said that it went remarkably well, and that he "hit the bullseye!"

Funny experiences: After they completed the right side which was the first side to do, I had the urgency to go to the bathroom. I whispered to Joey," What if I have to pee?", and he said to Dr. Ponce that I had to pee, and Dr. Ponce directed them all to turn their heads giving me a privacy break while the nurse held a urinal bottle to me (which was awkward). I was bashful at first but finally decided it was time to go.  All went well and pretty soon they were  doing the left side!

At the end of the surgery one of the nurses who had made contact with the recovery team to make su…