Delbert Johnson 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament

On Wednesday, April 10th, I participated in the Delbert Johnson 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament, held at Pinnacle Peak Country Club in Scottsdale, AZ. Joey Gregan had invited me to be the guest speaker at the dinner afterwards. My golfing partners were: Brian Baehr, David Pootricull, and Joey Gregan. We had a great time with beautiful weather. I actually hit some pretty nice shots and on the last hole made a beautiful putt for birdie!

While on the course we got to meet Muhammad Ali and his wife. The Muhammad Ali Center was one of the beneficiaries receiving some of the proceeds of the event. They brought him out in a golf cart, his wife in another one. I was able to shake his hand and introduce myself. He didn't say anything but that was all right.  It was awesome to have that experience.

I played probably my best round of golf that day. Afterwards I spoke at the dinner. I was introduced by Margaret-Ann Coles, program director at the Muhammad Ali Center, and gave a short talk on my life with PD. Leisa, Kamrie, Torie, Jacie, and JJ Lemoine were there. It was nice to have that experience. I was able to talk to others who have PD as well as those who don't. One couple, Jeff and Ashley, helped me in the parking lot when I first arrived, and I acknowledged them in my talk, he wants to follow my DBS progression, we exchanged numbers, and I felt like the day was well worth it. Thanks Joey for inviting me to participate.


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