El Pour de Tucson!

Well, I have to report that we chose not to ride due to the tremendous amount of rain that we received on Thursday. Has we rode we would have been exposed to the wet roads, puddles, cold,etc. I was  able to be at the finish line when my friends came in, the cycling team from the Critical Path Institute,   .as we were able to get a group picture at the finish line. I appreciate Diane Stephenson for her never ending kindness to me.


  1. Carl, I looked for you during and after the Tour. I sort of figured you decided against the ride...smart move!

    I changed routes and did it anyway! Here's my stats:

    155 6310 TERRY KURTZ F 61 2:38:50.09 14.5

    Pretty slow, but so what?

    Next time...

    1. Terry! you did it! That is awesome! You are tougher than I.
      And.....it doesn't matter how fast or slow it is that you showed up and finished! I am proud of you. Thanks for looking for me, please keep in touch.


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