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Upcoming Event! Phoenix Heart Walk

This year, Knight Transportation is forming a team to support the Phoenix Heart Walk on March 29th, to be held at Wesley Bolin Park in Phoenix, AZ

Being the team captain, I invite families and individuals, one and all, to join us. It is a free event, with the intent for the participants to help raise funds by asking their families, friends, neighbors, or any other willing and good hearted person to sponsor or support them by making a donation. Our team goal of  $8000.00 can be made if at least 40 participants reach out and secure $200.00 each in support. Let's see what can be done for a great cause!

To join or make an online donation, go to this website and under the option of FIND A TEAM, do a search with the key word of KNIGHT and it will take you to our team page.

We appreciate all support given for this great cause.