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Patti Meese---Ms.Senior Arizona Beauty Pageant 1st Runnerup

Our good friend, Patti Meese, was a contestant in the Ms. Senior Arizona Beauty Pageant that was held last night. She made the top 5, and then she received two awards, one being "most photogenic" and then tied with another 1 for talent. She then was selected as 1st runnerup!

She was beautiful as always. Her song, while on stationary bike, was "Get on your Feet" and it was indeed a crowd favorite. Patti, I am very proud of you and how well you fight for what you do.
In January I was nominated for and received what is called "the Local Hero" award at The Victory Summit, which is a motivational, educational, day long gathering of those involved in the Parkinson's Disease community. Well, I should and would never want to stand alone with this award as there are so many deserving of it. I will be posting those individuals who I consider should have received this award.

Jerry Stutzman and his wonderful family who created and rode their bikes from Florida to San Diego
Brian Baehr and his family who created The Baehr Challenge
Patti Meese who was 1st runnerup in the 2013 Ms. Senior Arizona Beauty Pageant, tying for 1st place in the talent competition, and taking home the photogenic award!
Stew Martz, Phoenix Police Detective, dedicated friend, ever positive attitude
David Dow, quiet giant, great friend, brains
Pete Shaw: positive, golfer, friend

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