Who Am I?

At the age of 46, just last year 2008, I was diagnosed with PD. I am happily married to a wonderful wife, a father of 5 children, and a recent grandfather. I have a great career, I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I serve in the church, and I have a great circle of friends in my work and church community and other connections. I value friendships and have maintained connections with important and valuable friends throughout the years. I enjoy my family the most and treasure them so much. I could not do it without my wife. She is a beautiful person who I am so grateful for. I enjoy seeing my children grow and make positive progress. I have one married daughter who just gave birth to our first grandson. She has a wonderful husband who I consider my own. I have a son serving a full time mission for our church, and I have three daughters at home. All of them are wonderful and remarkable children that I am so very proud of. I enjoy gardening, working in the yard, cake decorating, and recently purchased six baby chickens to raise. Growing up on a farm has never left me.


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