Fun with the Tucson Police

Last Friday night I was in Tucson with my family and friend Kyle. We went to the state high school football game that Centennial High School's football team was playing. At the end of the third quarter I was tired and told Kyle that I was going to go to the car and rest. I was not quite "on" yet, my PD meds still hadn't fully kicked in, however, I was able to get around the end of the field, past the bleachers, and out the gate......or almost out the gate when I started the freezing routine. I shuffled there trying to get the ole feet to move, and was not having great success. The lady near the gate asked about me and I explained... She offered a chair, however I explained it was best to stand to help get the circulation going faster. Well then...two police officers approached me and began to inquire of my status. I know what must be going through their minds, they must think I am a drunken transient. I proceeded to let them know that all was well and was just waiting for my medication to kick in and that my family was watching the game. One officer encouraged me to sit in a chair by the fence but I told him that I should stand. He insisted that I give him my wife's phone number so that he could let her know where I was. I again insisted that all was well but he continued to ask for her phone number. Finally he said, "Let me take it for my records (they were desperate for anything to show that they had done some work that night) So I gave them the number. He then called Leisa and soon she was on her way over to rescue me. I told the officer he needed to handcuff me if he was going to insist that she come over! He wouldn't do so but I put my hands behind my back as if they were. Leisa, Jordan, and Kyle were soon walking toward me. I told Leisa that I had been apprehended for disturbing the peace. We all laughed about me being "arrested". Kyle and I proceeded to walk toward his car and I soon felt my medicine kick in and I took off running. Meanwhile, the officer was heading toward the parking lot in a golf cart. I ran past him and of course he had a strange look on his face like "what is up with this guy??" Another fun PD experience with my on/off medicine cycles and strangers!


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