Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DBS Programming-Video #3

This third example demonstrates my ability to move with the help of the stimulator. And I am still without meds.
After this she had me take my meds, which I did. I laid down on the bed to rest, and eventually started to see the right side of my body do some things that were not good, my right big toe was twitching, my speech was being challenged, and it has really hard to be comfortable in that condition.
This was a good sign. The meds and stimulation was  having a conflict. Both could not operate that strong together. So Dr. Mahant lowered the stimulation and then identified a plan to start reducing the meds so that eventually they could start turning up the stimulator, giving my body the greater opportunity to function without meds. This was a great sign.
Now in the next few months, we will  have the ability to work with less meds and more stimulation.

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