Day 12 On the road with Pops Ride

Today we rode from Port Orford to Brookings, almost to the California border. I rode most the way except for the last 12 miles or so. It was windy and wet, but not wet enough to keep us from riding. We had a beautiful ocean view and plenty of very scenic spots.  After I stopped riding and was with Duane in the support vehicle , we stopped at a scenic point above the ocean and we saw a whale out there. It would stay primarily in one area like it must have been feeding on something but occasionally we would see it come up out of the water briefly.
It was a good day. Duane and Jerry Hogg both ended their support team time. We will miss them both. Jerry has been extremely helpful and I have appreciated him so much. Thank you Jerry!
Duane was very kind and eager to help. It was good to get to know him as

well. Thank you Duane!
Keith Barr joined us this evening and will start riding with us tomorrow for the rest of the time. It will be great to have him with us. Mona joined us as well for a support driver. She is always fun to have around and will good for us. Nathaniel, a friend of Shane's from Flagstaff, has also joined us as a support driver.


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