On the road with POPS Ride! We made it!

Today, Sunday, May 25th,  I am sitting at the computer in the rental house my family is staying in for a few days of family vacation. My mother, my sister and family, and my family and grand kids were all here for our finish in San Diego.
As I unwind and ponder the last month, there is so much to say, and so many new experiences that I would never have had if I did not have Parkinson's Disease.
Who'd ever thought that I would had not been diagnosed with PD I would have such experiences?
I am greatly blessed with a strong support system that sees me off and brings me back!
Thank you to my family, work family, neighbors and friends for your ungoing support and encouragement!
To the many people on our trip who hosted us with either a church, home, hotel, and even a red barn,
 you are awesome! Your generosity was  overwhelming. Thank you!
To our support team, Jerry Hogg, Rachel Baderman, Duane Stutzman, Nathaniel Patton, Kyle Worley,  Mona Amaro, we couldn't ask for a better team. We had everything we needed and you were always there. Thank you!
Shane and Shannon....what can I say? I have great respect for you and want you to know how very grateful I  am for letting me be  apart of this great adventure. Thank you for all that you do to make  things easier. And a special thanks for putting up  with  my big  red suit case!
And Jerry aka POPS, what a great friend you are. You are a tough cookie! Thank you!


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