Day 14 On The Road With POPs Ride

Today was a rest day for me. It was a beautiful Sunday, Mothers Day. I am grateful for my mom and to Leisa for the great mothers that they are. I love them both so much and am anxious to see them both in San Diego.
I enjoyed seeing the country side today. Alot of beautiful farms, jersey cows, and old barns. At one place when Mona and I stopped a lady approached us and we were talking. She was from Vancouver BC nd was visiting her mom. She said that she her step father had built a tree house on their property and invited us to drive back and see it. We drove down a dirt road o their place and it was beautiful. Such a nice place with trees blooming. They took me to the back yard where the tree house was. It was actually a house on supports built against a tree with stairs leading to it. It was big enough for a full size bed and finished with nice wood. It had windows with a great view. A pretty cool place.
We also went through a town called Ferndale. It was a nice little town with victorian style homes, churches with great steeples, a very cool cemetery, and an old style main street.
It was a great day, I love the opportunity to be here and am very grateful for the Stutzman family for allowing me to do so ad for how well they take care of me. I am very fortunate to have them for my friends. I am impressed with Pop's and his endurance and strength. He is a great example of perseverence.
Tonight we are staying at a baptist church in Rio Dell CA., and tomorrow we get to ride through "another forest", the avenue of the giants. Tomorrow I will be riding for my daughter Jacie. She is a real sweetheart who I think is an amazing girl. I love you Jacie and very proud to ride for her!


  1. Just thinking about you Carl, You inspire me to never give up! Thank you for that!

  2. Great pics! Great inspiration. Can't wait to be an active part of your team!


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